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How Popular is Your Dog's Name?

We have over 4,500 dog names in our database. Use our handy charting tool to see how many dogs in Toronto have the same name as your dog. Read More

The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Canada

CanadaPups has analyzed dog license data to find the most popular breeds in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton and to estimate for Canada based on that data. Read More

Congratulations - You've Got a New Puppy

Your search is over and you've found the one... that perfect, loveable, little four-legged "furbaby" who will give you years of loyalty and unconditional love, but who might just add a few grey hairs in the process! So you're excited - you're going to pick up your new family member today. Make sure to head to the pet store to get some essential supplies first. Read More

The Search for Your New Best Friend

So you’ve been thinking about getting a new puppy or adult dog to add to your family. It can be an exciting time but a bit overwhelming as well. You’re probably asking yourself what breed is suitable for my lifestyle? Should I buy a registered dog? From a rescue or a breeder? Puppy or adult? These are some common questions that most potential new dog owners face. In this blog, we’ll help you find some answers. Read More