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Quality Cavapoo Puppies!

Listing Date:
November 11
Sept. 5, 2022


Black Friday SALE, regular $3000-3500, now $ 1500-1750!!!

Very unique F1 Cavapoo Puppies.

All known genetic mutations are clear, please look at Genetic Report in our website to learn we just don’t breed dogs we make classics with clear Genes.

If interested in one of the puppies, please fill the application form available on our website or the link below. Thank you!


Absolutely Family Friendly: No parasite exposure / Toxo-free is our gift (best temperament) to families with precious kids.
Vet check: Eyes : Good. Hip & amp; Joint: Good.
Maturing about 14-16 lbs / 6.4- 7.3 kg.
Life expectancy: 15 years.

12 weeks old
DOB: 05-Sep-2022.
50% pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- 50% pure Poodle -DNA tested, OFA Prelim Hips and Elbows– Good & Normal; Clear on Paw Print DNA Poodle panel

Hypoallergenic- Non shedding.
Color Varieties: Ten point tan coat/Tricolor, Blenheim, Merle (very rare)

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1. Autumn
Female, Blenheim (mostly white with small apricot patches)
Sweet personality, playful while loves her cuddles.

2. Chloe -
Female, Merle (Grey/white) -a must see very rare Blue Eyes, will glow in the dark. Quick learner, playful and loves her belly rubs.

3. Leo
Male, Tri color, black brown and white. Very cuddly, loves to just snuggle, great companion dog!

Puppies come with a great starter kit! It includes their up to date vaccinations, health checks, toy, scented blanket, collar, starter food (Salmon) and complimentary Nutrisource welcome food kit!

NOTE: We do not release puppies until they are 9 weeks old (Nov 7), so the puppies have the opportunity to learn the best from family raised parents and have an easier transition.

If you wish to be in our waiting list, please fill the application form.
Shipping within Ontario & Quebec is available at extra cost.

We thank you for your participation in this new journey :)
Cuddle my cavapoo team

1) Disclaimer: The Mom and puppies will be health checked at the veterinary office for up to date vaccines/deworming/examinations on October 24, 2022. The second boost is needed 4 weeks after, and 3rd ("last boost) 4 weeks after.

2) Agouti Gene A locus : At , Ce [10 points Tan dog]
Meant not to be red eye glow dog by origin
Coat colour: aaEess/aaeess [At/At Tan point Gene]; aaeess Gene (Ay) carrier.

3) "Copy right is reserved". No copy or reproduction of our puppies or dogs or contents are permitted

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