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Minature SchnauzersMinature SchnauzersMinature SchnauzersMinature SchnauzersMinature Schnauzers

GTA Purebred Puppies
1 500 $

Date de publication:
février 12
Minature Schnauzers
Date de naissance:
28 décembre 2023

La description:

Miniature Schnauzers are highly intelligent and usually easy to train.
Due to their playful nature, these breeds make great family pets and get on well with children.
They're the smallest of the three schnauzer breeds. This makes them portable and apartment-friendly pets. They can adapt to rather diverse lifestyles, so almost anyone would consider them a good choice for a pet — whether you live in a city, have kids, or already have other animals.
The Miniature Schnauzers loves their walks and needs a decent amount of exercise, but mostly he just wants to participate fully in the family.

These are purebred Puppies, but I’m not offering registration. I’m selling them as Pets only. Their tail are in place. As the current Veterinary Medical Association position is to only dock Dog Tail for medical reasons.
Each Puppy come with a Veterinary first visit report, Puppy first Vaccination, and deworming. A standard health guarantee.
Full grown these Dogs weigh 15 to 20 pounds.
If you want a dog who...
· Is conveniently-sized and a sturdy little athlete
· Has a wiry coat that doesn't shed too much, and a whiskery face with a wise expression
· Makes a keen watchdog, but is usually polite with everyone
· Is usually good with other family pets
A Miniature Schnauzer may be right for you.

The Miniature Schnauzer has a double coat's wiry topcoat, with a soft undercoat that requires brushing, combing, and grooming to look its best. Most owners of Miniature Schnauzers choose to have the coat trimmed with clippers by a professional groomer. This should be done every 12 to 18 weeks for the dog to look his best.

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