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Standard poodleStandard poodleStandard poodleStandard poodleStandard poodle

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1 500 $

Date de publication:
septembre 19
Standard poodle
Date de naissance:
20 octobre 2022

La description:

Arlo is a 11 month old standard poodle. He is a very sweet boy. A new job opportunity just came up where we will be gone a lot more
Unfortunately, we just don't have time for him anymore. He will be home alone all day everyday.
He is up to date on all his shots/vaccines (comes with paperwork) he just isn't neutered yet.
He listen well to Sit, Stay, Shake Paw, Down, Come. When pouring his food he waits for the "ok" signal before going to the bowl. Good with other dogs, not aggressive just wants to play. We want him to go to a good loving home who has more time for him. He is trimmed very short now for summer but grows a beautiful coat. He is hypoallergenic, my kids have asthma and never had any issues with him. He is also good with them. Again, not aggressive or mean, he just wants to play. He is a great sleeper. Goes to bed when we go to bed (around 10) and won't hear a thing from him until we wake up around 6 to let him go outside.
Comes with large good quality dog bed, good quality water dish and food bowl, large Rubbermaid dog food container and very good quality harness and leash. Everything we have for him now, we will give to you.

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