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Presa canario/Great PyreneesPresa canario/Great PyreneesPresa canario/Great PyreneesPresa canario/Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees/Presa canario puppy
900 $

Date de publication:
juin 10
Presa canario/Great Pyrenees
Date de naissance:
6 juin 2021

La description:

Great Pyrenees/Presa canario. Rehoming due to moving property. He is a very good boy and is trained pretty well. He knows speak sit down paw and I’ve recently been training him to walk off leash. He needs a home with a big back yard and loving people to take care of him. His name is Odin and he’s not been fixed yet. If you plan on fixing him I’d recommend waiting until he is 1 year old. Msg me if you have any questions regarding him. I’m not in a rush to sell him I’m looking for a good home. He will come with a big bag of food and his kennel.

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