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Mastiff Shepherd CrossMastiff Shepherd CrossMastiff Shepherd CrossMastiff Shepherd CrossMastiff Shepherd Cross

Sweet and Adorable Mastiff X Shepherd Cross Puppies
1 200 $

Date de publication:
mai 1
Mastiff Shepherd Cross
Date de naissance:
25 février 2021

La description:

Last 2 puppies of the litter! There is 1 male and 1 female puppy available! The first four pictures are of the female and the last one is the male. They have their first set of shots, deworming and paperwork. They are very good mannered and have awesome personalities. They grew up in a busy household with lots of kids and activities! They are well adjusted puppies that are used to my active kids. They love playing in our yard and often do their “business” while they are out. They are young and can easily adjust to a new family home and schedule. We have 2 outdoor cats that the puppies are friends with. They both follow my kids everywhere on every “adventure” they go on!

The Mom and Dad are great family dogs.

The male puppy is the biggest of the litter but he is a gentle giant. He is so sweet and loves to be cuddled. He is always trying to climb up and sit on my lap. He definitely thinks he is a small lap dog. The female puppy is more adventurous and wants to go explore every inch of her surroundings! She loves playing with all of “her toys and her kids."

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