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Hybrid Pitbull Puppies

Listing Date:
May 21
British Columbia
May 16, 2023


Dont miss out on these special pitbulls i have been doing this for 22 years and it is one of my greatest loves. This is my 5th generation of pups and they are beautiful and healthy! There is 6 males and 5 females to chose from. They have all four types of pitbull in them and that includes American pitbull/Staffordshire pitbull/ blue nose pitbull and Rednose pitbull, that's why they are called hybrid pitbulls. The pups turn out great they are full of energy and love and they have magnificent coats. They are raised in a family home with a kid so they will be used to a family setting and turn into great dogs. Both the parents and puppies are fed raw and natural food as well as some high quality kibble to build top dogs. We also make our own puppy formula that is fully formulated with all natural ingredients. Pups will be ready for home July 11th at 8 weeks old. I m starting the meeting process now and will hold meetings at my house where we can meet each other and the pups and talk about whether it's a good fit for you and the pup of a deal is made a deposit can be places on a puppy to reserve the pup until home time on July 8th. I'd your from out of town we can start the process through video chat. Please no shady people these dogs are family to me and I care where they end up so please keep that in mind when applying.

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