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Beautiful gentle giant puppy

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November 18
Sept. 16, 2022


This designer breed puppy is a sweet and loyal gentle giant. She will grow to be very beautiful and majestic!
The Lab- St Bernard cross, also known as the "Labernard" is a unique breed that typically sells for upward of $1500. Labernards are the perfect breed for family pets as their main 3 traits are gentle, friendly and intelligent.

This puppy has developed her own little personality already. She is a bundle of fun who absolutely loves children and other dogs. She is playful, curious and sweet as well as very smart. Her hobbies include getting into everything shes not supposed to, endlessly licking people faces, and rolling over and looking as cute as she can in hopes you will pet her belly. She also sleeps for 16+ hours a day. When shes awake she likes to follow me around everywhere I go and is always tilting her head to the side to try and understand what I'm saying. She is quite spoiled here with tons of toys, her own bed and kennel, as well as leash collar, outdoor clothes and everything else she could possibly need. She only wants to go to a home where she will be just as loved and spoiled. She prefers a home with children but is willing to settle on a good companion without kids so long as they promise to take her on lots of walks and agree to play fetch, Frisbee and hide and seek with her. (her favorite game)

She is so far doing great with potty training, leash training and kennel training. (She loves her kennel and sleeps in it at night and throughout the day!) She is trained to pee on puppy pads right now but is currently being house broken. She is an incredibly smart dog and will be super easy to train.

Both parents are dry mouth dogs (non drooling)

She has been dewormed and immunized and is ready to go. She comes with a puppy pack to get you started which includes leash, collar, puppy food, toys, etc

Last 2 photos show what she will look like when full grown.

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