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German ShepardGerman ShepardGerman ShepardGerman Shepard

20 month old German Shepard

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June 27
German Shepard
Oct. 16, 2021


Hi! We are looking to sell our German Shepard! I want to make it clear that he really is an amazing and very gentle dog!

We just have a 8 month old who is constantly trying to pull his ears, and while he has not showed any signs of aggression we can tell that he is not getting the attention he needs and needs a family who can give him that time!

Echo is well trained! He doesn’t bark ( we live in the city and have worked very hard on that)

He does okay on walks, is is very good with heeling when it is just us, but does get distracted when there is other dogs.

He does well in the house, we did place training with him ( so he does not wonder freely in the house)

He is on a raw diet and spends most of his day in our yard.

Please only serious inquiries at 403-638-9579

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