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German ShepherdGerman ShepherdGerman ShepherdGerman Shepherd

German Shepherd Puppies

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June 24
British Columbia
German Shepherd
April 28, 2022


8 beautiful German Shepherds, ready to go.

Puppies will come with first set of vaccinations, dewormed multiple times, health passport from the vet, as well as a bag of the food they are eating, and a toy that smells like mom and litter mates,

Puppies are fully weaned and are ready to go.

These puppies are going to be big! If you don’t want a big dog, then this is not the puppy for you.

Check out my YouTube channel for a short video on each pup:


Mom is a CKC registered Sable German Shepherd. She is 5 years. This is her 4th and final litter. Mom is an extremely gentle dog and adores our children. She’s affectionate but very aware of her surroundings and keeps a close eye on our kids at all times to make sure they are safe. Mom is 85 lbs and is a straight backed working line shepherd.

Dad is a CKC registered Black and Tan German Shepherd. He is 2 years old and has sired 4 litters. He is a big boy, 95 lbs. He was easy to train, loyal, confident and obedient. No health issues and good hips. He is straight backed working line.

Both parents have been health tested.

Introducing the Beatles Litter!

PAUL (male) - Paul is fearless and confident. He makes good eye contact and is very friendly.

JOHN (male) - John is very sweet and loves to play. Whenever we are playing with the pups, he’s right by our side.

GEORGE (male) - George is a quieter pup, not shy, but quieter. He likes to sit back and observe the situation.

RINGO (male) - Ringo is a very outgoing pup. He’s curious and very clever.

PENNY (female) - Penny is the bravest female. She fears nothing! She’s feisty and a bit stubborn, but still very sweet.

ABBY (female) - Abby is confident and watchful, very aware of her surroundings. She’s always following the kids around and makes sure she keeps her eyes on them.

LUCY (female) - Lucy loves her people. Very friendly and affectionate. She loves to cuddle.

JUDE (female) - Jude is a sweetheart. She’s either cuddled up in our lap or bring a goofball. She’s a silly, fun loving pup.

All you need is love…and a German Shepherd.

Our pups have started crate training and are sleeping in their crates at night. We have also started potty training and puppies are doing very well! Puppies are coming when called.

Our pups have been exposed to our cat and our other dogs as well as our children, so they should transition nicely to new families.

A few questions answered before you message.
No, they are not hypoallergenic.
Yes, they shed.
Yes, German shepherd puppies nip (as do all puppies) We are working on redirecting them and giving them appropriate things to bite, like toys.
Yes, they will be big.
Yes, they will need exercise.
Yes, they might have accidents.
Yes, they will need training.

If this is your first puppy, please do some research on the breed to ensure a German Shepherd is the right dog for you.

Please make sure your spouse, partner, parents, family, landlord, etc is all on board with bringing home a new puppy. We want to ensure these puppies are going to good homes where they will loved.

We can deliver anywhere in the lower mainland.

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